feed their curiosity

Tiny Town encourages children’s unique imaginative play scenarios, allows children to make their own rules. Unstructured, child-directed play is a critical component of healthy social, emotional, and intellectual development.

When cardboard boxes can turn into castles or spaceships, and teddy bears becoming guests of your tea party and can request extra sugar in their tea. Children can’t wait to grow up and do all this “big people” staff and finally get to play with real things. Young children learn by imagining and doing.


Workshop is a space for kids to work with hand tools and different materials, explore mechanics and engineering.

Construction site is inspired by the building projects that surround us every day. A variety of block and construction tools throughout the area give opportunity to imagine a city in transition using principles of engineering, construction and architecture.


Our KIDchen gives children a hands-on natural food store, kitchen and café experience where they can do shopping, create own recipes and serve the food to their counterparts.

At Studio kids can gain a sense of fashion playing "dress-up” or designing and modeling their unique style.