The Pearl visitors’ free parking 17 available at the towers 17-18 of Porto Arabia. It takes nomore than five minutes to reach CurioCITY through air-conditioned shopping gallery. The drop offpoints are located next to tower 17 and between towers 18 and 19.


rules and regulations

CurioCITY is a special space for families. All children should be supervised by parents orcaregivers at all time. “Kids drop-in” is possible for children older 5 years enrolled into learningactivity (class or program), camp or if parent or caregiver remains within CurioCITY premises at alltime.

To ensure that everyone is safe, comfortable and able to play and learn, we ask that our visitors follow simple but yet important rules of conduct based on safety, common sense and courtesy.


We make all the efforts to make everyone comfortable at our center. Thus kindly leave your strollerat designated parking area at the Gallery entrance area. Exceptions are made for newborns and sleeping kids. Kindly contact our staff to arrange comfortable placement of stroller with child. Food and beverages from outside are not permitted.



We understand that young children constantly require support and attention. Caring for children outside of home may be challenging, thus the needs of families with young children are supported by availability of high chairs and playpens. Equipped nursing room and accessible toilet are located at coffee shop counter area. Additional toilet is available inside the play area.