space for freedom, imagination
and creativity


Childhood is a magical time when cardboard boxes can turn into castles or spaceships, and teddybears becoming guests of your tea party and can request extra sugar in their tea. Children can’t waitto grow up and do all this “big people” staff and finally get to play with real things. Young childrenlearn by imagining and doing.

our mission is to help young explorers to establish easy connections and draw new meanings through direct interaction with recognizable shapes and patterns of life in Qatar.

So what are we going to do tomorrow?

We are building a desert camp from blankets and ropes, and starting an expedition to the North Pole– an igloo from plastic bottles would do the trick for sure! No, we did that yesterday… tomorrow weare experimenting with science and launching our ship to Jupiter. And yes! We are making a newcartoon from play-doh, staging and filming the greatest pillow fight battle of all time ever. And itstotally cool if you forget to watch TV or feed your pet in mom’s I-phone - it can always wait… Asthe day goes the new adventure awaits. So come on, join in!

Our little city has 11 curious districts to explore.
Let us show you around.