If you once found yourself in the room with 10-15 people all of different nationalities, it doesn’t mean you are at the United Nations HQ. It might be just a child's birthday party in Doha.The greatest thing about living in multicultural environment is the awareness that how you live is not the only way.

CurioCITY is addressing cultural diversity of childhood and parenthood, designing settings and content that cater multitude of sociocultural contexts and their interconnections, and creates conditions under which children develop expertise in navigating multiple cultural worlds and identities.

CurioCITY addresses the need of parents in Qatar in finding effective means of cross-cultural socialization for their children. At the same time it promotes efforts of expatriate cultural communities in introducing young children to culture of origin and culture of Qatar through thematic events (festivals, exhibitions, celebrations and so on).

We welcome cultural organizations and communities for dialogue. Feel free to contact us hello@centerofplay.com

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